About Hannah

Hannah’s practice is now strongly grounded in her personal core values

Clean Living; is something that influences all the choices in life. It has huge health benefits to choose cleaner food (fewer additives), cleaner skin care (fewer chemicals) and clean products (fewer toxins). In all of Hannah’s treatments she opts for the highest quality oils and paraben free products.

Body Care; we all tend to push our bodies well after we are getting signals to slow down. Modern day routine leaves very little time to re-connect with your body and make the choices that honour it. This is one of the main points Hannah reiterates with her clients. To reconnect with our physical bodies and to learn to trust in the infinite knowledge that it holds.

Nurture; the importance of prioritising time for yourself. Having as little as 10 minutes everyday for yourself to spend in any way that nurtures you mind, body or soul has huge benefits. Over 1 year that will accumulate to over 60 hours. Whether you choose to read, have your quiet cuppa or just sit in silence 10 minutes can change the way you relate to your body.


  • Hannah has been treating me for the last few years. She has an amazing ability to ease away all the aches & pains. She has a great service & specialises in lots of different treatments. She has years of experience & is dedicated to her work. I would highly recommend her.

  • I’ve been coming to Hannah regularly since the beginning of the year and would go to no one else! Being a trained masseuse myself it’s hard to find someone that you can’t find faults with and I’m so lucky I have. Hannah has a flawless technique and a magical touch! I leave feeling like I’ve been in a different world feeling utterly relaxed and loose but full of positive energy!

  • Hannah is a truly gifted holistic practitioner, combining many therapeutic modalities to make each session truly unique. She seems to intuitively know exactly what I need every time, leaving me feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to go.

  • I attend Hannah for regular therapeutic massage for my wellbeing. Hannah is intuitively guided to know how to treat the ailments and encourage healing by her complete intention of care which resonates at a core level beyond the tissues to release with ease the cause of the underlying tensions. I feel safe and nurtured in body, mind and spirit after my treatment and grateful to experience her gift of healing. Lightened again to get back to my busy life.

  • I contacted Hannah as my menstrual cycle was very mixed up after having two children close together and then breastfeeding. On first meeting Hannah she was very confident she’d be able to help and her sessions were so relaxing, professional and each time left me looking forward to the next session! I would highly recommend Hannah.

  • I found the treatment very relaxing and your advice good. I am now feeling much better.

Self-care is not selfish or self-indulgent. We cannot nurture others from a dry well. We need to take care of our own needs first, then we can give our surplus, our abundance. – Jennifer Louden